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Challenge 2016:4 - Gender bender

Kategori: Allmänt, Historic Sew Monthly 16, Stashbusting

So. Very late, even later with updating - this isn't going well this year either, but at least I've managed to finish four challenges. This should have been done in April, but in April Fairweather manor got in between and then there was the white outfit for Dramaten and then it all went pear-shaped.
The challenge wasn't really the reason for this; rather it was two other: 1, that I was super-fed up with modern clothes and synthetic tulle and sewing machines and pattern construction and wanted to so something simple, straight forward, preferrably by hand since I was to attend an event in May. And 2, that I had a friend to make it for, so therefore an excuse to make the project fit a challenge. (And 3, and excuse to not altering the old doublet that's too long in the back. Again. Which shouldn't be underestimated as motivation.)

The pattern's very straight forward, it's the basic shirt in Tudor tailor, sliightly altered to fit a slightly taller person. I was a bit short of time before the event, so I cheated and made the long seams by machine, then added the gussets in the side and shoulders as well as collar, cuffs and hem by hand. The seams are felled by hand to make the machine-sewing at least less visible. Ties for closing cuff and collar were finger-braided in linen/cotton yarn, which was the best I could find at the time.
No WIP-photos and sadly no photo of it worn, but here it is during the like five minutes it was ironed and unwrinkled before being packed.
The Challenge: 4, Gender bender
Material: Linen
Pattern: The basic shirt from the Tudor Tailor (meaning I looked at it. It's rectangular pieces, no pattern needed really)
Year: (the year the item represents, not the year you made it): 1500s
Notions: Linen/cotton yarn, linen thread for handsewing.
How historically accurate is it?: 90% - machine sewing with polyester thread aside. It'd pass I guess! Though a real Tudor would likely cry at the poor quality linen we get nowadays.
Hours to complete: Don't know? 10-15 perhaps.
First worn: July 2016
Total cost: Stash used, so didn't really keep track. It was JUST enough of my white linen (I used about 2 metres, I think).