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Challenge #21 - Re-do, part two

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The theme this time was fairly straight-forward: "Pick any previous challenge and re-do it (or do it for the first time).  It could be one that you didn’t finish, one that you wish you’d had more time for, or any time for, or one where you loved the theme so much you want to do it again."

 So much to do, and a LARP fast approaching; I ended up doing three mini projects.


 2. Make do and mend/Under $10: A skirt pocket for the black gamurra

Not only did I need this, it was also suggested in the helpful pointers for the skirt-layout that I should use the left-over pieces to make a skirt pocket. I needed it for the LARP and was ridiculously short of time, therefore this is a good-enough version which I will eventually try to polish up a bit.


The pieces cut to shape. No, I don't do tidy...
Outer edges sewn (backstitch, since I don't want stuff to fall out of the pocket due to weak seams), front opening cut and pinned.
The finished pocket with temporary waistband. Buttonhole stitch secures the end of the opening, the read seam above them is the beginning of hopefully a lot of embroidery.
Detail of the finished upper edge - one of the seam allowances folded over the other and back under itself to cover all raw edges. I made it up as I went along and have to reference for it.
The Challenge: #21 - Re-do
Fabric: Twill wool
Pattern: None
Year: 1500s onwards
Notions: Silk thread, red embroidery thread, cotton ribbon as a temporary waistband
How historically accurate is it? Not very, but not too bad either. 50%?
Hours to complete: Perhaps 4, it's hand-sewn
First worn: At the LARP last weekend. As it happened, the giornea has no pocket slit so it was less practical than planned...
Total cost: Next to nothing - leftover from the dress (only tiny scraps left now, yay fabric efficiency) and the rest from oooooold stash.


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