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Challenge 2017:1 - Firsts and lasts

Kategori: Allmänt, Historic Sew Monthly 17, Stashbusting

"Firsts & Lasts - Create either the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on an outfit."
And for me (barring shoes, the neverending problem) that normally is a headdress. A barbette is a rather odd part of early/high Mediaeval headwear - basically just a strap of fabric that goes under your chin and is pinned closed on top of your head. It's apparently normally worn with an open fillet of linen or possibly something with a crown, rather like a pill-box hat.
Or an actual crown. Lady Uta, one of the founding figures of Naumburg cathedral, 13th century.
Not much process to document; I made a strap of linen, hemmed it, and used with a pillbox hat (since it was a larp and the combination needn't be historically accurate). Might do a fillet eventually, and possibly a slightly different barbette to go with it.
Sorry about the blurry photo, it's the one that shows the barbette best. Photo: Torbjörn Wahlberg
The facts:
What the item is: A 13th century barbette

The Challenge, and how this item fulfills it: headwear, essential finishing touch to any costume

Fabric/Materials: White linen

Pattern: None, but looked in the Medieval tailor's assistant for measurements

Year: 1200-1350ish I think

Notions: Linen thread, beeswax

How historically accurate is it? As such: rather a lot. I pieced it in order to be able to use leftover fabric, in period it would likely be one width of fabric. As worn here: Hairnet's ok, though I don't have enough hair to have a "proper" hairdo. It should also be worn with a fillet rather than a pillbox hat (though some of the sculptures I used for reference made me wonder if there is _always_ an open crown?). So, the basic garment: 90%, the headdress as worn: 75% ish.

Hours to complete: 1,5 or so.

First worn: 13th of January, 2017

Total cost: Less that 2 euros