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Elizabethan bonnet

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I skipped the #6 challenge (Fairy tale) and this is still a sort of in-between lazy challenge, since my UFO is very unfinished indeed. I have some photos of the process, too, but to be fair a bonnet isn't all that complicated, so here goes.
I do like bonnets, and a black one seems to be useful for a lot of styles. Including later Venetian ones (I think using it with the Venetian gown from last challenge is cheating, but I still did it!) as well as Elizabethan. And velvet was slightly more fancy than wool.
The Challenge:
#7,Tops and toes
Polyester velvet, thin wool for lining.
From The Tudor tailor
Second half of 16th century
Black thread (silk), glass pearls
How historically accurate is it?
Fairly. I trust the TT for accuracy, and the only actual shortcut is the velvet. Entirely hand-sewn, so 80% with penalty for not using proper silk velvet?
Hours to complete:
About 8. The pleating of the crown always takes more time than I expect.
First worn:
30th of March, for photo session at Kalmar castle. I had the luxury of time, since I skipped the fairy tale challenge.
Total cost:
About $15 for half a yard of velvet (though it had been in my stash for a year); wool, pearls and thread from stash.