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New ties for the gamurra

Kategori: Allmänt, Historic Sew Monthly 15

 I had great plans for the September challenge; I had projects I wanted to do and fabric at hand, but September was a silly busy month so... well, no. I did get to two larps, though. One of which was not in my original plan, so good thing I could venture into my wardrobe for something already finished. The ties were satin ribbons, though, so I figured I should fix it. I used the same finger-braiding cord as usual, polyester/wool yarn and aiglets from my stash, and am quite pleased with the result.
I also took the opportunity to take it in - minus about two-two and a half inches in the bodice. It now fits better. Wear and tear over at least seven years as well as bias stretch in the fabric had taken its toll. I could take it in a bit more, actually, but I'll leave it for now. It's a cotton dress, after all, it will never be perfect anyway and it's far more wearable now than earlier.
Also the ties are prettier. This was the last garment I made before I learnt about spiral lacing, though. Right now ladder lacing would be prettier, but it doesn't work so well with the rings so I X-lace it for now. I'm not that fond of making holes for lacing.
What the item is: Ties for a gamurra. Technique: fingerbraid, two strands.
The Challenge: Brown
Fabric: None
Pattern: None
Year: Unsure about technique, made to fit 15th century dress
Notions: Wool/poly yarn, aiglets
How historically accurate is it? The only yarn I found was a wool/poly blend, but I guess it'd fool people from a distance.
Hours to complete: Maybe six or seven for all the ties (front, 2 longish for sleeve openings plus 14 short ones for attaching sleeves)
First worn: 5 september
Total cost: Aiglets was purchased awfully long ago, I used two bundles of yarn for easier finger-braiding but of course have a lot left, so maybe five euros in total.