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Challenge #24: All that glitters

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The gentleman's challenge is actually mostly (as in "the time consuming part") done, but am still waiting for some of the notions. Contrary to my ambitions, I just didn't have time for Modern history - but I'll keep the idea in mind for the Blue challenge next year. This challenge stuff is highly addictive!
I had other stuff in mind, and still might do them over the holidays, but for this challenge, here's some necklaces I did for future larps. It's not strictly sewing, I know, but it does glitter!

The inspiration: I've always liked the idea of adding pendants to pearl necklaces. I like pearls very much, but still haven't found a way to wear them out-of-garb without feeling very much like and old lady and/or very much too ...pale, fashion-wise. Still haven't given up. In garb though, I am happy to wear them, and a pendant really light things up. This time, I was lucky enough to find a set of cheap earrings that was possible to dismantle fairly easily, as well as I finally found a way to use a set of pearl earrings I bought ages ago. My ears are not pierced, so any earrings making it into my stash are destined for destruction.
Anyway. There are a lot of pretty necklaces out there, for example:
Elizabeth I as a young girl and grownup, 16th century...
...Italian ladies from the same century

And two 15th century ladies as well, also Italian.
There are a lot of pretty, blingier necklaces out there: alternating pearls (white pearls and coral or gold beads, double strands of pearls, VERY blingy pendants and so on), but that will be another project. For this one I kept it fairly simple to go with my fairly limited skill and supplies.
I bought two pearl necklaces (when I say pearls, I mean the glass ones!), a set of colourless earrings and one set of red earrings. Halfway into the project I remembered  the pearl earrings I'd bought earlier but hadn't found a use for, and here's the result:
Number 1: Originally there were two red stones hangig from each loop; I removed both from the sides and one from the middle and added the pearls from the pearl earrings. If I find a third tearshaped pearl I might remove the middle one as well.
Number 2. I did't go for red here, and was really looking for a yellow or greenish stone, but it turned out all right. I liked the effect of adding the red ones on either side, to flirt with the three-part-pendants seen in portraits. It also added a bit of colour.
The necklaces are slightly longer than the pearl ones I already have, and I tried to combine - which works rather well. Might use them both ways!
The Challenge: 24, All that glitters
Fabric: No - Yes, am cheating here!
Pattern: None
Year: 1450-1550, at least inspired by
Notions: Two pearl necklaces, three sets of earrings (of which I used 1+1+2 earrings)
How historically accurate is it? The idea is period, the actual stuff not so much. Perhaps 50%.
Hours to complete: 2
First worn: Not yet
Total cost:
About 32 euros for both, but lot of supplies left over for other projects.