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Rag-rugs and their cousins

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In order to complete as many challenges in the History sew fortnightly as possible I try to alternate between big projects and smaller ones. I think many do that, it would simply be too daunting otherwise. Right now I really really try to work from my stash instead of planning big stuff that needs new fabric, and for challenge nr 13, "Under $10" it's of course even more useful to go browse one's stash. I wasn't really up for a big project, though, so I opted for a skirt pocket.
However, in order to keep with the spirit of the challenge it seemed a bit too lazy to just do a skirt pocket and be done with it - it's also very easy to get something for less than $10 when working from a stash bursting from small left-overs. So, I decided that if not money, then a bit of time. It was a long time since I did any embroidery.
The inspiration was varied. This is an item for LARPing and there was no need to be historically accurate, so I combined.
The skirt pocket is meant for a less fancy outfit, so "outside skirts" would be the thing. (Detail from Birth of the virgin, Allessandro Allori, 1595)
The pattern was just a tiny bit inspired by the stylised flowers and leaves on this one, an extant Spanish skirt pocket from the last quarter of the 16th century. However, there are also a lot of pretty skirt pockets, although from a later date, in many of the Swedish folk costumes in wool, with wool or silk embroidery. I am short of silk, but I had wool yarn in a forgotten corner of my stash.
The finished result is a, let's say "interesting", shall we? hybrid of them all.
The band is a woven band I found in a charity shop very many years ago. Not perfect colourwise, but does the job for now. And no, it's not attached in two places, I didn't realise it looked like that until it was dark and I couldn't take a new photo.
When I was little, my mother taught me the art of rag-rug reading. I don't know how many of you have done it. It doesn't work, of course, with bought rag-rugs: it has to be local rugs. On a rainy day, you sit down on the rug and/or crawl along it and follow the pattern. "Oh, that must be the blue dress I wore until it fell apart." "Remember those curtains we used to have in the dining room?" It's great fun. And also recycling at it's best.
When working on this project it occured to me that stash projects can be more or less the same. This project are pieced-together leftovers from various projects - the front from a leftover from my very first more serious historical clothing (a Viking caftane), the back is from those corners you get when making semi-circular cloaks, the lining is black linen (I know!), left over from a haori I made for a larp character much later.
The list:
What the item is:  A skirt pocket
The Challenge:#13, "Under $10"
Fabric:Front in thin dark blue wool, back in a rather sturdy dark grey wool, front interlining in coarse undyed linen and lining in black linen.
Pattern:My own.
Year:Uhm... 1550-1850 or so.
Notions:White and black wool yarn, thread, polyester velvet ribbon.
How historically accurate is it?As you can see from the very vague dating, not very. Heavily inspired by, not historical. Hand sewn, but well... maybe 50%
Hours to complete:Was very bad at keeping track. With embroidery, maybe as much as 15.
First worn:Not yet, hopefully upcoming weekend.
Total cost: 0